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Živi Atelje DK (Living Atelier DK)

Ilica 110
10000 Zagreb
T: +385917204317
E: cyrille [at]

Živi Atelje DK — Living Atelier DK is an independent, interdisciplinary, non-governmental and non-profit organization focused on support and cooperation with artists, inclusion of the public through and into art locally and internationally, and exploration and understanding of otherness. Identity, memory, peace-building, ecology and equality are part of the issues whose exploration we encourage through art. We are also working on the preservation and promotion of the art of Vera Dajht-Kralj, whose collection of artwork—her physical and creative heritage—represents the inspiration and the axel around which we base our activities. Our No Borders program includes many projects involving refugees, asylum seekers, and other people in Croatia to work on healing, multifold integration, peace- and community-building. (Some of these projects are a show to the successful collaboration with other local civil society members such as Center for Peace Studies, Dobrodosli Initiative, Are You Syrious, Mali Zmaj, Jesuit Refugee Services, Kuca Aikido).

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