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evo još jednog zanimljivog treninga pod nazivom 'Staying real and going virtual' u Ukrajini u siječnju. Prijave su do 30.11. Detaljan opis u nastavku!

Staying real and going virtual – creative and innovative ways to promote international volunteering and youth projects in ICT
Call for participants
Kharkiv, Ukraine
January 23-29, 2010

Traditional methods to promote volunteer and youth projects, as meetings, presentations at universities, posters and leaflets, showing films are no longer attractive. Often being on a meeting we see participants who prefer to spend time on diverse online social networks, than communicating to a real people around them. But it does not mean that young people are no longer interested in international experiences, doing something useful, travel and alternative lifestyle – what workcamps and international youth projects are offering. Some have tried to analyze the situation and see which methods of promotion are still working, and Internet seems to be one of the most effective tools for this. The diversity is very big – from diverse forums, blogs as livejournal and other, to social networks as facebook and vkontakte. Are we entering an age of virtual volunteering? How can we face this challenge and make good use of it?

This became an inspiration for SCI-Germany and SVIT-Ukraine to develop this project, which is supported by German National Agency for Youth in Action programme, and will take place in Kharkiv, Ukraine, from 23rd till 29th of January, 2010.

The training is aimed for active volunteers and staff of SCI branches and partners, interested in the topics of the training and willing to contribute to improving image of voluntary organizations and ways to promote international volunteer projects.

The aims are:
- To explore different opportunities for innovative promotion of international volunteer and youth activities, to share experiences of participants from different organizations
- To analyze possibilities to promote international volunteer and youth work using Internet
- How can we make Internet space more interactive and meaningful (involve people to start discussion groups on facebook, share experiences instead of doing applications of the kind “which country would you like to live in”
- To develop guidelines , templates etc. for creative promotion of international volunteering online and using diverse multimedia
- How can SCI go ‘virtual’ and use Internet for promoting peace and international understanding
- Other possibilities for virtual volunteering
- Making links between virtual and real activities, communication and projects (using wiki, livejournal etc. for linking people, discussing issues, developing project ideas for international activities as seminars etc., supporting activities and projects on national level – as petitions etc.)

The program topics can be divided in 3 main blocks:
- usage of Internet for promotion of international youth and volunteer projects, which methods of promotion are used now, what works and what not, sharing experiences and best practices, creativity and innovation in online promotion (flash, youtube etc.)
- ICT for learning and sharing experiences on diverse issues. Virtual space to share information resources of SCI organizations on such issues as sustainable development, human rights, peace and international understanding, combating racism and xenophpbia, social inclusion and other. Sharing experiences of EVS projects and youth exchanges, transfer of knowledge between organizations and individual volunteers (for instance, online networks of former and current EVS volunteers in SCI projects, mentors, leaders of youth exchanges etc.)
- Developing possibilities for virtual volunteering – developing projects together using ICT, thematic groups, possibility to use blogs and wikis, create groups on facebook, google documents, other online tools and applications; possibilities for young people people with fewer opportunities to volunteer online (especially wheel-chair disabled).

Financial conditions:
All costs concerning meals and accommodation as well as the program and materials will be fully covered for the whole duration of the training. Travel costs will be reimbursed 70%, given that participants used cheapest and environmentally friendly way of travel. The participation fee for CIS and SEE participants is 20 Euros, for ‘new’ EU countries (Bulgaria, Slovenia etc.) is 25 Euro, and for ‘old’ EU countries and Switzerland – 35 Euro.
Following partners have signed partnership agreements for the project and are eligible to participate: SCI Italy, KVT Finland, AVI Moldova, SFERA, SCI Switzerland, SCG, SCI Germany and Young Georgians for Europe, Zavod Voluntariat Slovenia, AYAFE, VCZ Croatia, SCI Austria, Center for Intercultural Dialogue (Macedonia), De Amicitia (Spain). Participation of representatives of other European SCI organization is possible upon approval of German Youth in Action National Agency.

Application procedure
• Deadline for applications is November 30th, 2009
• A completed application form with any other relevant information shall be sent by email to:
• All candidates will be informed by email about the decision
• For any questions do not hesitate to contact the us at
Applicants will be informed about the outcomes of selection by 10th of December.

For more information and with possible questions please contact SVIT-Ukraine at
Or through the facebook event here:

Looking forward to welcome you in Ukraine!
SCI-Germany and SVIT-Ukraine